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Monday, December 31, 2018

Welcome 2019!

New years is here and with it another annual holiday takes center stage, carrying with it symbolisms, traditions, celebrations and iconic moments.  And so it begins, with more get togethers, more parties, more social media posts - with laughter, recalls, and anticipations.  Maybe the New Year event is just for fun, or it is about making memories and building hope.  Certain cities will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to blast away fireworks at the midnight toll, and others will go about it in media hype with milliions watching.  The counting down with ball dropping, queen swinging, dancing the night away yells ... 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 ... and HOORAY it'll be 2019!  The 'year in review' reminds the masses of significant moments that captured passions as preferred by dedicated viewers.  At midnights end there will have been new years everything - having appeared for well over 7 or 8 days, beginning the morning after the last big holiday.  The gym, healthclub, wellness, and addiction commercials will air taking advantage of holiday indiscretions and indulgences.  End of year closeouts and last chance moments will be everywhere too...and resolution making will abound!  New Years is the roll over of a calendar date at an exacting hour made big by the people who wish it so.  For what 2018 brought, in positives and negatives, in amazing gains and amazing losses, in breakthroughs and in tragedies - the year is over.  Hello 2019; and for today-welcome!  Photo Credit: and R. Hennessy.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Holidays, celebrations & connections

The variations of what people celebrate this time of year are not all summarized in "Christmas" time.  The masses who celebrate in exchanges, get togethers, food festivities and in common greetings is quite remarkable - especially for those who are not similarly inclined - yet even they engage!  Santa and reindeer, stars and mangers, or maybe  jolly good times - whatever the reason for taking time off from work, the wrapping of gifts and baking treats, traveling afar and hosting many - it brings "families" and communities together.  As imperfect as people may be - in a culturally and overwhelming holiday such as this one,  the years and the differences of "us" are inited in "happy holidays."  Whether grand or small, abundant or frugal, treasures or practicalities, overflowing or critically necessary - gifts are every where.  December, 2018!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

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Monday, November 12, 2018

What These Hands Gave and Give ...

What these hands gave, and therefore still give, history and today's comparisons can attest.  His life, and by a photo choosing this could equally be about her life, is marked by some sacrifice, seen in the cracks and crevices of the arms and hands so worn by giving, so changed by time, so enhanced by wisdom.  Giving hands, as strong and calloused as these, hold within them the aged beauty of rugged finger tips, wisdomed wrinkles and worthy scars.  The younger ones who gave as well, and who still give, could be included too, just by a photo's choosing; so let us not omit youth particularly a youth the gives - maybe even before its time.  As luck, or chance, or meaning would have it, this man in this photo represents the many who gave, and the many who give - by an assignment of these words to celebrate a cause, to celebrate a people, to celebrate a holiday.  As a veteran he gave, she gave, they gave - and these ones continue to give in what it is that makes living life here - possible!  Duty may have called.  Honor may have created the principled stance.  Whatever it is or was - it is different to give as a veteran did and does. #thanks  PHOTO CREDIT:  Michael Schaffler,

Friday, November 9, 2018

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Taboos in sex and sexuality .... and google!?!

Wait till you see how google handled this post on my business listing ...

As posted ....

The taboos of sex, sexuality,  sexual expression and sexual openness inadvertently alter the paradigms of individuals and communities.  From moral inhibitions to definitions of "appropriate" and "inappropriate," to labels that box behaviors into judgemental frameworks - the oppression of the everyday "private lives" thrive.  Too in the clinical world sex negative indicators of illness paradigms can prevent clients from talking openly about thoughts,  feelings,  fantasies, dreams and even personal taboos.  In the sex affirmative paradigm, for those willing to risk the ambiguity, the uncertainties, the unquieted infatuations of the human race, called humanity - clients can feel safe enough to - well - just talk.  Want to learn more about sex affirmative paradigms and alternatively, sex in the medical model of abnormal?  #TalkifUwant #sex #mentalhealth #google #googletookitdown

Photo credit: A. Quiro,

And then after the post to my ... google took it down!

NOTE AFTER THIS BLOG WAS POSTED ON MY GOOGLE BUSINESS LISTING ...  google business took down the blog saying "flagged and removed."  Strange for a progressive company and a national search engine where millions of porn sites appear.  And so they contribute to abnormalizing sex, sexuality and speaking in healthy ways.  Just "taboo?"  Uhhh, yeah ... that really happened today (10/25/2018)!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Eating for brain and body ... easier than you think.

Meal prep is one of the easiest ways to manage the type and the quality of food you eat.  Whether you're vegan, vegitarian, pescatarian or a meat eater buying and making your own food is better for you.

But the real story appears to be in reading the labels.  Additives are everywhere and sometimes whats on the label doesn't add up to what's in the package (like, how can all natural peanut butter with peanuts only be soooo runny yet when  I make my own it's nice and thick?).

A good number of restaurants use many many pre-made "bases" mixed with gunk to quickly add water so as to quickly heat and stir and serve.  Many big name stores, selling "all naturals" have shelves and shelves of stuff with fillers and what I call "food stretchers." Sugar, salt, bleached flours and powdered added starches of all kinds, flavoring, color, a number of oils, things called "gum," and even "enriched" can suggest that the item is not real, not honest - not natural.
Legal?  Sure.  And so is smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.  Legal is not healthy.  And legally healthy is possibly harmful.

It's okay to read labels, to return filler and small print company junk - back to the shelf.  To make it easy though ... fruits and veggies, nuts and honey, plus superfoods - are a more sure bet.  Almonds, pistachios, avocados, local honey (the pollen locally helps with allergies!), arugula, mangos, salmon - these and others are packed with multi-powers!

Generally a label that lists ingredients you do not understand, can be ignored (not always as google assistant or siri might know) and a label with more than only a few ingredients can be as well.  When you find a label with sugar (and its various forms) added, with salt (and its various forms) added and then starch added (and its various forms) this food (even if organic) is not ideal and may be more filler than food!  Look around and you'll probably find a similar item without these three "yummies and bad for you fillers" - a trio of craving troubles to the body and the brain!

Meal prep with real food - raw is better (usually) - can be a ritual and a spiritual connection if you will to the earths goodness and your own body's goodness. Taking the time to combine your own stuff directs your tastebuds and your body's demands for certain things that it "knows it needs." Going with the seasonal shifts of the raw stuff makes the meal prep routine - well - anything but.

Raw is NOT always better?  The word always is the root of nearly all problems  ... so no, raw is not always better.  For example, raw asparagus is better for the body than cooked; cooked carrots are better than raw; tomatoes are a mix of both - they produce more lycene cooked and more other goodies raw (throwing in some raw tomatoes with the cooked ones can be a trick here) .... so do your homework on your food.

If waste is not okay (anther reason us humans love that dry crunchy stuff in the bag -is  it doesn't spoil so eaily) the aging items can direct what is eaten today ... making the work of it all a bit more like a challenge!  If anything gets a bit past appealing - freezing can be an idea for smoothies (it's better than the trash and it still has value). Frozen spinach, frozen berries .... make a nice addition to a smoothie.  Frozen bananas - peeled beforehand - is almost as delicious as ice cream ... and blended with frozen strawberries even has the texture of a sorbet!  "Waste not want not" is accomplished in creative ways when eating natural, raw, real food!

To be sure, even the fresh stuff may have been raised with sugar water and hormones - maybe - but the organic market may be the next closest thing to "growing your own."  The community garden, the corner fresh market, the neighbor with over flowing everything in the yard are places to consider.
Did you know that a "good body" (healthy, operating at its normal maximum potential) is created and maintained by 80% nutrition and only 20% exercise?  Increase time and energy on your diet and if you're able to do so give yourself about 30 minutes a day of exercise and life is good!  Even 7 seconds of movement - nearly any movement by the way - improves longevity, mobility, heart and lung strength.  

Exercising more than 30 minutes a day moves to a more "extreme" level and can fun based on interests,  hobbies, goals.  Over exertion causes stres in the body ... so recovery time is elongated by the elongated exercise routines.  Parts wear out - so taking care of them matters too.

A doctor, a nutritionist and a personal trainer can help structure something that fits your age, body type, health conditions, gender and skill set to accomplish what makes your body tick at its normative best.  One thing for sure though,  you don't hear qualified experts say "eat your potatoe chips and get as many additives a day in your system."

Brain food is a thing too.  There are natural foods (I said FOODS ) that improve mood, decrease anxiety, lower inflammation, pump up the immune system, eat away fat, decrease carcingenic acids in the belly ... it is a thing and it is probably laying right there in the fruit and veggie aisle!

Cheat days?  ABSOLUTELY!  One day a week or one small treat a day can be summed up this way: sometimes what is NOT good for the body is great for the soul!

In a ratio of health - meal prepping one day a week, with amazing ingredients ensures you are way ahead of the eating to sick curve! 

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Monday, October 15, 2018

Outliers just might be the next normal!

In statistics when an extreme outcome is realized, it is often lumped into an "outlier" category, so as not to inexplicably alter the norm. Curiously though, every person is quite unique. Not all outcomes can be standardized within a limited number of deviations. "Normal" is great - but so is the magic of the unexplained breakthroughs, the one that beat the odds, the chance of a lifetime....that moment when people change! Many times the inexplicable occurs, against all kinds of odds. Just because it looks like or sounds like an outlier - doesn't make it un-true, false, or abnormal. It might just be wonderful! ---K. LaRose
PHOTO Credit: Erda Estremera,

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

More Than a Patient ....

Mental Health Day is an affirmative suggesting people can achieve "health." The illness based paradigm, as legitimate as it is may inadvertently overlook the indicators of health! To be mentally well is a thing; some people are there and know it. Some people need help in knowing what health actually looks like - so that they can see a way to get there. Not always is a person sick or disordered or in need of a diagnosis. On this mental health day, begin to consider and see that your mind, body, psyche and your life - has possibility. #BeWell #Therapy #TalkifUwant #MentalHealth

PHOTO CREDIT: and "rawpixel"

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Today is your chance ...

Today, you and I have a chance to make a difference! No matter how you view yourself, or how you view your life situation, there's somebody near you, somebody around you, somebody you know who you touch! It may be your laughter, it may be your cynicism, it may be your humor, it may even be your silence, or just your presence. Today as you think about your chance - our chance - take it! You never know if you're going to hit it exactly right or maybe mess it all up but you can be sure of one thing: as the new day begins, the sun shines somewhere, and there is another new hour and another new day.


Sunday, September 9, 2018

"I'm sorry" NOT healthy?

Healthy couples seldom use the words "I'm sorry" to resolve their problems.  Part of the reason seems to be that doing wrong is known between healthy partners as never an intentional act. Believing an apology is owed creates division, in-equality, a one up / one down interaction and the notion that a hurt effected was purposeful.  What healthy couples do instead, is they move about with problems as if they have spilled milk.  Just as happens when milk is actually spilled it is known by these healthy folks that the intention was NEVER to do so on purpose.  It is as harms occur, it is known to be accidental.  Perhaps, because of this more reasonable view of each other, the loving ones are better able to join each other in cleaning up the mess.  "I'm sorry" is culturally and morally relevant; it is common and "normal" in its use.  However, it is not used by the healthiest and happiest of couples. Accidents happen; clean them up!

Learn more about couples.

PHOTO CREDIT: Noemi Jiminez,

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Moving to beneficience?

Your view of things is predictable, not mystical at all and you can generate beneficience in thought ... for you and for others.  Beneficience?  Yes ... seeing something for a good ... that is for some benefit.  It starts with you.  Today,  to move your mental well being a notch closer to "better" take a moment to look back and savor your past.  You have gone through some things, you have failed and you have succeeded, you have been changed and you have changed others.  These times you're remembering were ingredients to bring you to where you are - in this moment of recollection. If you look closely at your past you will see that by being able to recall it ... even if much of it WAS rough you have made it through.  Take some time to attend in memory to your walk, up hills and down, in the rain and the sun, among many and in isolation, in abundance and in deprivation ... YOU HAVE MADE IT TO TODAY.  Dr. Seligman, in Authentic Happiness, summmarizes three areas to the science of happiness, where one part is this concept of "savoring." The ingredients individually may be yummy or gross ... but as the recipe comes together it's okay to take in the mix that is uniquely and wonderfully YOU! #authentichappiness #seligman #savoring #mentalhealth #counseling #therapy #mindfulness #cognitive

PHOTO CREDIT: Wyron A on Unsplash

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Love is what?

Love evokes passion, curiosity, obssession, envy, jealousy, joy, lust, comfort, delight, drive, longing, enthusiasm.  Love promotes designs, planning, rearranging, kaniving and it draws people to places, things and others sometimes with oddities quite hard to explain. Love is said to be the cure and the cover to all things; it is the explanation and the reason for being, for staying and sometimes for leaving.  Love is blind, it is patient, it is mysterious.  Love is said to bring people together in tragedy and in celebration.  Love is said to turn brother against brother, child against parent, and it can turn friends to foes.  Love can be lost and found, it can open a heart and jade one.  Love can create letters, cards, stories and books. Love is the reason to scripts for movies, concepts for art and sculptures and it be the basis for sounds, lyrics, music.  Love is in the air, it puts heads in the clouds, and is called a light by some.  Synonymously love is equated and antithetically connected to its opposition - ironically as love/hate.  Love is felt, reminisced, forgotten, supressed and it sometimes it is tough.  Love is said to be the tool for killing using its close relative - kindness.  Love is clothed in many symbols, it is cleaving and is the support to protection.  Love can be weakening and strong, vulnerable and powerful, maddening and peaceful.  Love can be romanced and romantic.  Some love love, some  wonder when it will happen for them.  It is said that there is "one" love, true love, and loverboys.  Self love is made of varieties in self care, self affection, pampering and pleasure.  Love is said to be real, pure and some call it sacred, holy or blessed.  Love may be in the senses, in the mind, it may be sensual, sexual or even platonic. Love is said to be foolish and fun.  It is the stuff that makes for holidays, super powers in likes of "cupid" ... it is said to fill a heart and for some it is the explanation for a bleeding heart. Love is said to be the justification for wars and for causes. There are those who believe there is a side of love on which to stand ... and there are those who say they just don't understand.  Love can be given, accepted, intended and rejected. Love is the reason for products of parfums, flowers, candies, arrows, jewelry, metals, rocks and it can even be the ingredient "added" to recipes in food.  Love maybe in the keys of a piano, where "A Love Story" melodically becomes the theme song to "Romeo and Julliette" or it is Macklemore's "Same Love."  Love could be equated "sugar" and even the Color Purple character "Shug Avery" could be seen as love.  

Love may be equal and eternal. In science love may simply be the hormone of oxytocin.  And, explained as the doctors of a hard science summize it, love being biologically evidenced in brain and stomach ... it is the stuff for which much is made.

Love ... precious or pejorative, and possibly it is both dependent upon events, sequences, time, history, formation and capacity ... it's a thing. 

PHOTO CREDIT:  Jasmine Wahee,

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

GUILT: It cannot only be called "an emotion." Here's why ...

Guilt is not only emotion. In fact, to call guilt "a feeling" makes it impossible to change. You see, as a feeling guilt does not occur without an associated cognition. The thought that something could or should have happened differently is what activates guilt. And, thoughts can be changed. The idea that a past event could have or should have been different is what makes guilt totally invalid. How can a past be changed? The idea that what is known now COULD have been known back then is the loop that creates the emotional chaos, hidden in "guilt". Could and should are helpful in the future. In the past ... it is the cognition of guilt, invalid as it is, that has to be changed.
PHOTO CREDIT: Sharon Garcia,

Monday, August 13, 2018

Science is taking away the mysticism of psychological terms ... moving from "why" to "how" is better for mental health consumers

Scientists in biology, the human genome project and in neurobiology have contributed wonderfully in changing mental health! Biological equivalence could be a way of taking seemingly confusing psychological phenomena - and better understanding how it all works. As the "hard" scientists of the world do their work, they directly and indirectly contribute to the profession of mental health services - and - for the better. Increasingly, science requires the profession to move away from the "why" and more closely look at the how. Here, a clients life can be viewed with less 'mysticism' and more processes of brain and body! Words like serotonin and limerance, oxytocin and trust, dopamine and motivation, opioid production and pleasure, confidence and testosterone, doubt and cortisol, epinephrine and fear - it is magical to understand and appreciate. Thank you SCIENCE for all that you teach and do! #therapy #counseling #neurobiology #science #mentalhealth #talkifuwant