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Friday, August 30, 2019

Walk boldly and plan boldly. 
When history says "boldly" was folly, 
then walk forward in a new way ---- boldly still! 

K. LaRose @ 
PHOTO: Meagan Carsience, Unsplash

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Changing centuries in one action ...

If you think you cannot change a century or two, just count the years. I did ... 200 plus!  If you think a single cut has little power to effect some mind of defeat, look closely.  In a single action, one cut, the lifetime of 200 years is altered.  For the good, you say?  That would depend on your view, your judgements and the power you presume is right,  of course.  A parallel here to consider, besides the life of a tree, the environment or even altering the generations who kissed in its shade, who carved into its bark ... are the words we use ... words that cut and change a lifetime as well.  How you and I speak, condemns or builds, and sadly more and more in my work, more and more in the media, more and more in moral inequality, more and more in creating narratives and sides, all supposed justified forms of cutting we wonder why it is we cannot connect.  In cutting, however it is spun, many fall - just as centuries old trees. #talkifuwant #cut #words #trees #centuries

Friday, August 2, 2019

Not enough motivation to exercise?

I think being 52 years old and running three and a half miles in just under 29 minutes is okay... an 8.50 mile isn't bad in one mile and it's pretty okay too at near 3.5 miles.  No it's not the half marathon I ran a few years back or the near 16 miles just prior ... but it is exercise!  Exercise, nutrition, fluid intake, self nurturing, time with loved ones, decent sleep ... these are all key parts of mental health.  Motivation?  It's not a psychological phenomenon to search for ... it's dopamine.  Do you know what activates dopamine (aka: motivation)? Exercise!  If you're missing motivation,  besides a symptom of mental illness, besides a symptom of unhappiness, besides "just not feeling like it" check to see if you are also not missing exercise time.  It clears inflammation, reduces self medication behavior AND produces motivation! #mentalhealth