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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Love is simple.  Hugs, kisses, hand holding, a touch on the shoulder...grown ups, kids....platonic and romantic - straight and gay and non-sexual too!  Today is about love .... so love a little (or allot).  And, before you say "I don't have anyone to love me..." please, please, please remember this: you have you!  So love - a little or allot - and that means YOU!


Sunday, December 6, 2020

Powerful Ayurdic Herbs and Spices

Powerful herbs for healthier bodies and a great resource...Besides the content, this Healthline article (it appears to be the same with all of their articles) is linked to credited/credible resources at the end of each section/segment.  Wonderfully, the folks at healthline wellness, also include information about emerging claims (maybe even old ones too) that are not yet researched enough. Please take a look at the referenced articles from (see the link above) and from the mental health perspective you can learn more at:

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Share-premacy is not the purpose...

A conscience ... This grandaughter speaks a truth, without getting into the mix of naming people as bad (she says that they are good actually).... she speaks of a conscience, a corporate conscience, from an era not so long gone... she speaks of a time when wealth and profit were not the purpose, as they have seemingly become in today's systemic and structural society... this grandaughter both celebrates and damns Disney ... a global brand and a known name that is in her family lineage (she names other big names too).  This grandaughter, without grabbing onto any particular brand or policy or politics suggests that any corporation that has in its midst an employee without a living wage is not fulfilling its purpose... it is fulfilling share-premacy (something that makes sense,  she says and she questions a bit as well).  This grandaughter does not talk about a living wage at $15 an hour (she didn't even mention it - probably because she knows that $15 is NOT a living wage)...this grandaughter mentions food and decent healthcare as part of what defines living. This grandaughter seems to touch on the good in all of us, potentially and blindly culpable to some degree as well, by our own agreement of a sharepremacy culture. "From the person filling in the spreadsheets to the ones making the bedsheets... we're all one people on one planet" and we can do better.  This grandaughter says that it's about dignity and a conscience.  

Friday, August 21, 2020

If you look closely, you'll see it ...

Sometimes you have to look very carefully to see it.   When you do, you'll likely find that it is just about everywhere.  Big or small ... hidden or obvious - it's there - somewhere.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

The evidence says business and government CAN do the impossible ...

History is made today.  The idea that business and government cannot accomplish the miraculous is evidentiarily false.  Imagine the money, the math,  the science, the people,  the legal processes ... the passions that brought this moment to you and I today! Please do this again ... the evidence of a possiblility is now real! 
With this same evidence,  it seems possible that our government and our businesses and global partners too, using phenomenal science ... can do other things ... for all of its people.  Our people need you dear business and dear government.  It used to be that "Uncle Sam wants you" was the norm. 
Today is a day to celebrate indeed. The next miraculous thing government and business can do may be to create homes for us all, healthcare for us all,  jobs for us all.  When you can see the miraculous in the insurmountables ... duplication in the lateral is no longer mystical, or idealistic,  or impossible. Firsts are again alive!
Note: this is neither a liberal or conservative or mainstream view; it is an idea that captures what we've done, applied those captured realities and then takes into consideration what remains in the needs of hurting and underserved people.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

People are people so why should it be ...


I remember when this story first appeared in my linkedin profile .... here the story investigates who these people are and were.   This story is about people,  helping people.   Every time I see a story like this one - I see the third option to a systemic problem that must be addressed and fixed.   I also see real people who know nothing of the other bestowing beneficience instead of doubt and bestowing purity instead of questioning intentionality...I see people of different cultures and different lives and different backgrounds stepping up.  And then I hear the music of Depeche Mode playing and singing out: 

"people are people so why should it be that you and I should get along so awfully...." 

Here's the link to the story I found on MSN: Protesters who protected a lone cop recount two unsettling minutes of chaotic night 

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Black Lives Matter is one of many ironies to criticize when looking at the life of a wealthy, white, powerful man: Bezos is moving forward, imperfections and all.

Bezos is going to get criticized here no matter what he does or says.  He has millions of employees,  under paid and overpaid.  He stands firm in supporting black lives matter while doing business with law enforcement. He does not deny that lives matter and he stresses that racism is a matter that must be highlighted for those who are disparatively and systemically mis-treated.  He owns a media conglomerate that at times reports on both sides and even multiple sides of an issue.   He markets face recognition products and he could therefore put oppressed populations at risk. Annie Palmer of CNBC wonderfully highlights the double binds of Bezos in his business and in his social injustices stance - with contradictions galore.  Bezos has been married and divorced reportedly with some scandals here too.  He has been a tax contributor and a subsidy benefactor. He's white and wealthy and powerful.  

It looks to me like he's not an "all bad" or an "all good" human, but one who stands to reason and attempts to move forward, with some degree of strength.  His evidentiary contradictions can be judged as hypocrisy, or more cynically as ill intent.  Maybe,  like allot of the world, he's working with what he has to make something better.  Perfect?  Not even close.

I found this report to be well balanced,  fair, full of critical thinking and in tune with cause and effect and the human factor - allowing the reader to conclude on his/her/their own what it is that fits for them. 

Thank you,  Annie Palmer from CNBC, for this kind of reporting.