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Friday, September 6, 2019

Guns and Straws

Photo Credit: Vladimir Palyanov, Unsplash

As Americans get back to normal -again- following a series of mass shootings in the US, there's a 'refreshing news flash' where common ground emerges: plastic straws.  While the number of injured and dying sea turtles is nearly impossible to tally, the number of homegrown mass shooters, the number of people dead and hurt in shootings, well that is known.  In a gutsy and guest rendered podcast my summary today is that all of this non-partisan agreement over straws - (heck even Trump is on board it seems in recycling them) - the gun debate continues as a debate. In not only my view of guns and straws that just sucks.  Listen now on Radio Public.

Monday, September 2, 2019

This image captures wonderfully the labor of brick making. The detail of the wooden cast that was formed and now becomes the mold for clay, brought about from the mixing of the water and the dirt, specifically located to be sufficient as a cold stone or a fired stone masonry, the filling and moving about such that air bubbles pop now (instead of later) and even the movement of the hands that manipulate the environment for one future brick. It is a labor - maybe of love, maybe of necessity, maybe of challenge - and certainly of skill. Labor Day is, in part, a celebration and memorialization of a movement where workers take on the impact of what it is that they (not their employers, or their government or their earnings even) contribute to make the lives of others better. Labor Day seems to be about a view that takes the "top down" mentality, flips it upside down ironically enough, and says to the world - if it were not for OUR labor you (society) would not be where you are and you would not have what you have. I often hear the stories (and so do you) of how it is various laboring folks of all professions and disciplines are explicitly and implicitly "expected to be grateful" for their jobs as if the job is all that there is to have. In American culture it is not uncommon for people of their work - to become it - and this too is often celebrated with accolades of accomplishment, pay, prominence and even notoriety. A job is something to have indeed - ask anyone who doesn't have one as they sit in some deprivation. The point of Labor Day is that a greater community CAN liken what laborers and workers do everyday besides it being their jobs. Regardless of who gives the job and who takes it away, the position of power is not nearly as significant as the labor of those who are commissioned to do the work of some quality such that a larger society want a product and therefore many lives are improved. The boss cannot be successful because of position. The work must be included - and even more real, more personal, and more alive than work - are the laborers who produce in every single detail and that IS celebrated.

- K. LaRose @
Photo Credit: Estaban Castle, Unsplash

Friday, August 30, 2019

Walk boldly and plan boldly. 
When history says "boldly" was folly, 
then walk forward in a new way ---- boldly still! 

K. LaRose @ 
PHOTO: Meagan Carsience, Unsplash

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Changing centuries in one action ...

If you think you cannot change a century or two, just count the years. I did ... 200 plus!  If you think a single cut has little power to effect some mind of defeat, look closely.  In a single action, one cut, the lifetime of 200 years is altered.  For the good, you say?  That would depend on your view, your judgements and the power you presume is right,  of course.  A parallel here to consider, besides the life of a tree, the environment or even altering the generations who kissed in its shade, who carved into its bark ... are the words we use ... words that cut and change a lifetime as well.  How you and I speak, condemns or builds, and sadly more and more in my work, more and more in the media, more and more in moral inequality, more and more in creating narratives and sides, all supposed justified forms of cutting we wonder why it is we cannot connect.  In cutting, however it is spun, many fall - just as centuries old trees. #talkifuwant #cut #words #trees #centuries

Friday, August 2, 2019

Not enough motivation to exercise?

I think being 52 years old and running three and a half miles in just under 29 minutes is okay... an 8.50 mile isn't bad in one mile and it's pretty okay too at near 3.5 miles.  No it's not the half marathon I ran a few years back or the near 16 miles just prior ... but it is exercise!  Exercise, nutrition, fluid intake, self nurturing, time with loved ones, decent sleep ... these are all key parts of mental health.  Motivation?  It's not a psychological phenomenon to search for ... it's dopamine.  Do you know what activates dopamine (aka: motivation)? Exercise!  If you're missing motivation,  besides a symptom of mental illness, besides a symptom of unhappiness, besides "just not feeling like it" check to see if you are also not missing exercise time.  It clears inflammation, reduces self medication behavior AND produces motivation! #mentalhealth

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Healthy eats and cheats in one!

Bring sea shell pasta (cheat one) to a boil and drain.  In separate pan, bring 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup olive oil to a boil.   In the boil add 1 teaspoon of better than bullion (veggie blend).  Next add fresh mushrooms.  Stirring as you go add carrots next, then celery and the celery leaf.  Next mix in whole and raw almonds ... keep stirring as you go.  Now add fresh garlic cloves, then fresh basil leaves.  Now,  chop a bit of green peppers and add them.   Keep stirring.  Finally add some hearts of palm.  And the last cheat?  2 shots of Evan Williams (or your bourbon choice). As this is all mixed,  the water cooks out, the oil and bullion cooks in, the whiskey adds a mild zing and a mild sweetness.  Combine the noodles and gently toss a bit.  Now for a high protein boost and more tummy / muscle joy, place a plain egg omelette on the plate (olive oil fried and a bit runny ... minimally so), sprinkle fresh raw spinach over the egg and then top it with this delightful mushroom/almond/veggie/pasta paradise!  Your body,  your brain and your soul can be treated in one clever meal!  The carbs, the sweets, the salt, the veggies, nuts, proteins and greens are all here ... YUMMEEEE! 

#makingbrainshappy #healthyeats #mentalhealth


*This is not a low fat, low sodium, low sugar, low carb, low protein meal.  If you have dietary restrictions consult your nutritionist and MD about foods you eat.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

There are no little good things in life ...

Everyday there all kinds of little things in life that seem to be prompting me to pay attention. All of them, once added together, seem to add up to a kind of bigger thing. The precious moments, the sweet whispers, the stranger that smiles, the dad holding his baby, the door opening, the metro working, the water running and the food in the fridge.  I don't know if they're actually such little things,  you know?  Paying attention to the littlest things that make this world a better place is easy if it were not for so many negative distractions.  Why?  The little niceties of these seemingly small tidbits of existence will not make the news - but they will make the life!  Taking a closer look at the wind blowing, looking a bit longer at a loved ones eyes, giving the mind a care about an interest taken in "how was your day?" and hearing your name called by an endearing person. There really are no "little good things." But, they are everywhere.  It's called life. Live it. ~K. LaRose @ TalkifUwant
Photo credit: Caleb Jones,