Saturday, September 4, 2021

Your story creates more than you know

"There's a way that sharing a struggle or a big big challenge that you've carried for years ... based on good intentions both carried and shared ... opens the way for a sharing of the reality of life ... where love can just grow stronger.  Your story,  shared achingly and lovingly created something unintended or certainly unknown until you shared it."  
-Kurt LaRose 

Saturday, June 12, 2021

When we the people are equal policies will change. A therapist offers an aggravated view on inequality

The idea that people like me are paying more in taxes than my rich democrat and my rich republican peers, fellow (albeit a corprorate fellow to which I am not) business owners and even the senators and representatives of a career (multi term) driven political and governmental employee base is not news at all.  The conversation about the tax code is cyclical and potentially a distracting void that repetitively goes no where.   Why? With 60,000 plus pages the tax "code" has a benefit hidden somewhere for almost all of us.  
If the tax code were actually changed to what would be "fair and equal" we all become equally accountable for cleaning up this monstrosity of legalized money moving driven frankly by .... wait for it .... BANKS!  If you give the article (which is really not news, it's an editorial) a read that one liner about loans that help people avoid taxes ... that's kind of a big big deal.  And those of you who know me will not be surprised to hear me say banks are also the ones who drive what funds health insurance ... and the only people with good health insurance in the US might be politicians ... or those richer citizens who can afford to buy supplemental policies.  Let me stay on task here ... 
A culprit in the tax code - a big big big one ... are banks.   
While I am quite thrilled at the very open view that this author takes,  looking at the tax issue from all sides (and taking no side at all) - the big "miss" in her summary are the large non-profits - who also do not pay taxes and the mammoth language of a 60,000 page document called the tax code.  Do you know how many lawyers and accountants and bankers are needed to make that kind of money movement work and for it to also still be legal?  ALLOT!
So we can keep looking at the rich who are cheating or give them a moral voluntary compasss to "trust" or even give them an out (like Warren Buffets 99% philanthropy donation upon death defense - uhhh to non-profits?).  We can keep talking about a supposedly misguided tax code, with unfair slants in a 60k page document that favors just about everyone with some free shit everywhere such that an entire tax code management industry exists to operate it. As it is now the hidden benefactors to the tax code are not just the non payers of taxes but it's the maddening money processors taking cuts to manage it.  Each player in the engaging tax code that frankly once distilled down hits us all unfairly (if we're open and honest and transparent about our own gains) "profits" from the shenanigans of an algorithmic code that even software giants cannot accurately comply.  
A complaint or a solution? 
I hope you asked that ... I really really do.   Especially the solution part.....
We the people (when we stop calling each other stupid and bad and wrong and being passive/aggressive enemies to one another anyway) can do something. We the people can ... we can. 
Here's the pitch and it's the best I've got:
Let's just flat line the tax code to a one paragraph code... maybe something simple like this:

When any American deposits money into any banking instituion they shall automatically deduct from each dollar deposited (some f**king single digit percent here) to which the government of the US shall disperse to (some f**cking list of US government bank accounts where government pays its bills) such that the tax payer and the tax receiver can transparently and openly develop minimally stable cash flow estimates to care for all of its people - effective immediately.

Sincerely Kurt LaRose

Here's the "news article" or video (it's an editorial btw) to which I write my opinion ...

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Love is simple.  Hugs, kisses, hand holding, a touch on the shoulder...grown ups, kids....platonic and romantic - straight and gay and non-sexual too!  Today is about love .... so love a little (or allot).  And, before you say "I don't have anyone to love me..." please, please, please remember this: you have you!  So love - a little or allot - and that means YOU!


Sunday, December 6, 2020

Powerful Ayurdic Herbs and Spices

Powerful herbs for healthier bodies and a great resource...Besides the content, this Healthline article (it appears to be the same with all of their articles) is linked to credited/credible resources at the end of each section/segment.  Wonderfully, the folks at healthline wellness, also include information about emerging claims (maybe even old ones too) that are not yet researched enough. Please take a look at the referenced articles from (see the link above) and from the mental health perspective you can learn more at:

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Share-premacy is not the purpose...

A conscience ... This grandaughter speaks a truth, without getting into the mix of naming people as bad (she says that they are good actually).... she speaks of a conscience, a corporate conscience, from an era not so long gone... she speaks of a time when wealth and profit were not the purpose, as they have seemingly become in today's systemic and structural society... this grandaughter both celebrates and damns Disney ... a global brand and a known name that is in her family lineage (she names other big names too).  This grandaughter, without grabbing onto any particular brand or policy or politics suggests that any corporation that has in its midst an employee without a living wage is not fulfilling its purpose... it is fulfilling share-premacy (something that makes sense,  she says and she questions a bit as well).  This grandaughter does not talk about a living wage at $15 an hour (she didn't even mention it - probably because she knows that $15 is NOT a living wage)...this grandaughter mentions food and decent healthcare as part of what defines living. This grandaughter seems to touch on the good in all of us, potentially and blindly culpable to some degree as well, by our own agreement of a sharepremacy culture. "From the person filling in the spreadsheets to the ones making the bedsheets... we're all one people on one planet" and we can do better.  This grandaughter says that it's about dignity and a conscience.  

Friday, August 21, 2020

If you look closely, you'll see it ...

Sometimes you have to look very carefully to see it.   When you do, you'll likely find that it is just about everywhere.  Big or small ... hidden or obvious - it's there - somewhere.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

The evidence says business and government CAN do the impossible ...

History is made today.  The idea that business and government cannot accomplish the miraculous is evidentiarily false.  Imagine the money, the math,  the science, the people,  the legal processes ... the passions that brought this moment to you and I today! Please do this again ... the evidence of a possiblility is now real! 
With this same evidence,  it seems possible that our government and our businesses and global partners too, using phenomenal science ... can do other things ... for all of its people.  Our people need you dear business and dear government.  It used to be that "Uncle Sam wants you" was the norm. 
Today is a day to celebrate indeed. The next miraculous thing government and business can do may be to create homes for us all, healthcare for us all,  jobs for us all.  When you can see the miraculous in the insurmountables ... duplication in the lateral is no longer mystical, or idealistic,  or impossible. Firsts are again alive!
Note: this is neither a liberal or conservative or mainstream view; it is an idea that captures what we've done, applied those captured realities and then takes into consideration what remains in the needs of hurting and underserved people.