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Monday, June 24, 2019

Facades are NOT fake ... Look closer and you'll see ....

Facades are critical to human interaction. Often the facade is underestimated, seen as pretentious or worse, as fake. Nothing is further from the truth. Just as a facade draws a person in, as it attracts the interest of others to engage its role is more than a first impression. While the beauty of a facade from a distance can be favorably misleading, it can be unfavorably misleading too. From what it promotes the facade makes connection possible. From the invitation of imagery desired it is what follows the facade that adds some other things - that which holds it up, makes it possible and therefore carries us to deeper and stronger and more powerful places. There is purpose and meaning in facades. As judging a book by its cover may be mistaken, so it is to over and under estimate the facade. Facades are real too! Being curious about them long enough to get inside is to begin a discovery that promises to be an eye opener. Why not look closer for its benefit? #mentalhealth #facades #look #real #hypnosis

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Friday, June 21, 2019

Specialization in mental healthcare is necessary to be sure. Having a professional that can speak to what makes a brain and a mind healthy is key. Here I write about the impact of specialization with some impact evident in care that overlooks some of the "harder" sciences possibly making LGBTQ treatment unintentionally heteronormative. I am not an expert in brain science; yet a primitive overview of what the real experts in brains do know - might help to streamline mental healthcare in all areas for all client populations. Straight people are not "sick" by coming out. LGBTQ are not either. Society and caregivers must move forward to change the very system that is burdened with mental health care. A tiny bit of science can help. Should the buyer beware? Absolutely. Should the provider be aware? Absolutely.  READ MORE ...

Monday, June 10, 2019

A sense of pride is healthy in the human psyche ... so why not have some of it?

A sense of pride is a bit healthy in the human psyche. Sure it is an event in the United States. As a part of language (long before it was ever an event in the US or the UK) "pride" has been considered a dirty word. History has not served "pride" too well - yet pride might serve history's people - well. How? Having a bit of pride, a bit of "ego strength", being okay with who you are, accepting that not all will approve or like you, and being okay with others as who they are, accepting as well that you may not necessarily like them too - is one way of looking at pride. Pride is not unloving. Pride is not condemning. Pride is inclusive - for the willing - and for those who have the capacity for a change in views. It's just a tweak ... as a culture there is a lot to be learned about and from pride...first of all, having some is healthy. #podcast #pride #mentalhealth #therapy