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Monday, June 10, 2019

A sense of pride is healthy in the human psyche ... so why not have some of it?

A sense of pride is a bit healthy in the human psyche. Sure it is an event in the United States. As a part of language (long before it was ever an event in the US or the UK) "pride" has been considered a dirty word. History has not served "pride" too well - yet pride might serve history's people - well. How? Having a bit of pride, a bit of "ego strength", being okay with who you are, accepting that not all will approve or like you, and being okay with others as who they are, accepting as well that you may not necessarily like them too - is one way of looking at pride. Pride is not unloving. Pride is not condemning. Pride is inclusive - for the willing - and for those who have the capacity for a change in views. It's just a tweak ... as a culture there is a lot to be learned about and from pride...first of all, having some is healthy. #podcast #pride #mentalhealth #therapy

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