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Saturday, May 25, 2019

24/7 Therapist Access - From Your Smart Phone, PC or Tablet - day or night!

Thanks to secure technology asynchronous mental health and behavioral health services CONNECT NOW is available to users 24 hours a day. And to help users who prefer to log in and leave notes, files, and journals for the therapist to review and reply to - at wee hours in the morning or during a coffee break at the office, or maybe right after an argument with a loved one - the time is now with TalkifUwant! For DC and FL residents you can now log in 24/7 and post messages (in a number of digital formats, such as shared journals, chat, secure emails and shared files) from you to the therapist - confidentially. Next, you'll get notified when you have a reply - so you can log in and check out "what the expert suggested." To learn more about this monthly online plan register today and choose the asynchronous option to get started! Have questions? No problem, feel free to call too!    Log in 24 hours a day, click the "asynchronous subscription" option, by and learn more here!
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Thursday, May 23, 2019

In an age where "friends" are often little known connections represented by icons, images and even people possibly known, where the prompts to be intertwined with even more who have others in common incessantly appear - the digital gatherings grow.  As vocabularly and definitions expand to include a more modern time - where a wall, a follow, a snap, a post, a chat and an emotion have taken on expanded meanings - the word "friend" has joined the new narrative, the new lexicon and webster's has some catching up to do.  Wouldn't it be neat if the masses included in their friends list - an expanded view too, a new definition of sorts as well in these ever changing times ---an ideal connection indeed with a person who would be famililar, close, and very well known?  This new friend, now being expanded to include the most valuable one of them all -  could be someone endeared and to whom care and regard and affection would appear (maybe as often as the dings, dongs, vibrations and bells remind us of something to check). To the walls we would race looking and seeing what is captured in meaningful pics, vids and feeds of a touching sort - there where our most precious friend checks in from time to time.  There we might find a moment gaining likes and shares of all kinds -- thumbs up abound and a sensational thing that is able to go viral if you will.  And just who is this friend being spoken of?  Ahhh, it's too simple, yet difficult to do, it seems.  You see, if you were a friend to you, if you gave as much attention and time to you as you dedicate in hours online, if you commented as often and checked in with you - maybe half as frequently as you do now with so many others -  a defining friend would almost certainly appear.  For today, "friend" you - and see what happens in this changing view!  #friends #therapy #definitions

K. LaRose
May 2019