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Monday, August 13, 2018

Science is taking away the mysticism of psychological terms ... moving from "why" to "how" is better for mental health consumers

Scientists in biology, the human genome project and in neurobiology have contributed wonderfully in changing mental health! Biological equivalence could be a way of taking seemingly confusing psychological phenomena - and better understanding how it all works. As the "hard" scientists of the world do their work, they directly and indirectly contribute to the profession of mental health services - and - for the better. Increasingly, science requires the profession to move away from the "why" and more closely look at the how. Here, a clients life can be viewed with less 'mysticism' and more processes of brain and body! Words like serotonin and limerance, oxytocin and trust, dopamine and motivation, opioid production and pleasure, confidence and testosterone, doubt and cortisol, epinephrine and fear - it is magical to understand and appreciate. Thank you SCIENCE for all that you teach and do! #therapy #counseling #neurobiology #science #mentalhealth #talkifuwant


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