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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Love is what?

Love evokes passion, curiosity, obssession, envy, jealousy, joy, lust, comfort, delight, drive, longing, enthusiasm.  Love promotes designs, planning, rearranging, kaniving and it draws people to places, things and others sometimes with oddities quite hard to explain. Love is said to be the cure and the cover to all things; it is the explanation and the reason for being, for staying and sometimes for leaving.  Love is blind, it is patient, it is mysterious.  Love is said to bring people together in tragedy and in celebration.  Love is said to turn brother against brother, child against parent, and it can turn friends to foes.  Love can be lost and found, it can open a heart and jade one.  Love can create letters, cards, stories and books. Love is the reason to scripts for movies, concepts for art and sculptures and it be the basis for sounds, lyrics, music.  Love is in the air, it puts heads in the clouds, and is called a light by some.  Synonymously love is equated and antithetically connected to its opposition - ironically as love/hate.  Love is felt, reminisced, forgotten, supressed and it sometimes it is tough.  Love is said to be the tool for killing using its close relative - kindness.  Love is clothed in many symbols, it is cleaving and is the support to protection.  Love can be weakening and strong, vulnerable and powerful, maddening and peaceful.  Love can be romanced and romantic.  Some love love, some  wonder when it will happen for them.  It is said that there is "one" love, true love, and loverboys.  Self love is made of varieties in self care, self affection, pampering and pleasure.  Love is said to be real, pure and some call it sacred, holy or blessed.  Love may be in the senses, in the mind, it may be sensual, sexual or even platonic. Love is said to be foolish and fun.  It is the stuff that makes for holidays, super powers in likes of "cupid" ... it is said to fill a heart and for some it is the explanation for a bleeding heart. Love is said to be the justification for wars and for causes. There are those who believe there is a side of love on which to stand ... and there are those who say they just don't understand.  Love can be given, accepted, intended and rejected. Love is the reason for products of parfums, flowers, candies, arrows, jewelry, metals, rocks and it can even be the ingredient "added" to recipes in food.  Love maybe in the keys of a piano, where "A Love Story" melodically becomes the theme song to "Romeo and Julliette" or it is Macklemore's "Same Love."  Love could be equated "sugar" and even the Color Purple character "Shug Avery" could be seen as love.  

Love may be equal and eternal. In science love may simply be the hormone of oxytocin.  And, explained as the doctors of a hard science summize it, love being biologically evidenced in brain and stomach ... it is the stuff for which much is made.

Love ... precious or pejorative, and possibly it is both dependent upon events, sequences, time, history, formation and capacity ... it's a thing. 

PHOTO CREDIT:  Jasmine Wahee,

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