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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Healthy eats and cheats in one!

Bring sea shell pasta (cheat one) to a boil and drain.  In separate pan, bring 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup olive oil to a boil.   In the boil add 1 teaspoon of better than bullion (veggie blend).  Next add fresh mushrooms.  Stirring as you go add carrots next, then celery and the celery leaf.  Next mix in whole and raw almonds ... keep stirring as you go.  Now add fresh garlic cloves, then fresh basil leaves.  Now,  chop a bit of green peppers and add them.   Keep stirring.  Finally add some hearts of palm.  And the last cheat?  2 shots of Evan Williams (or your bourbon choice). As this is all mixed,  the water cooks out, the oil and bullion cooks in, the whiskey adds a mild zing and a mild sweetness.  Combine the noodles and gently toss a bit.  Now for a high protein boost and more tummy / muscle joy, place a plain egg omelette on the plate (olive oil fried and a bit runny ... minimally so), sprinkle fresh raw spinach over the egg and then top it with this delightful mushroom/almond/veggie/pasta paradise!  Your body,  your brain and your soul can be treated in one clever meal!  The carbs, the sweets, the salt, the veggies, nuts, proteins and greens are all here ... YUMMEEEE! 

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*This is not a low fat, low sodium, low sugar, low carb, low protein meal.  If you have dietary restrictions consult your nutritionist and MD about foods you eat.

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