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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Inequality has deep deep roots - almost everywhere it seems.

Inequality has deep roots in legal maneuvering.  It seems to me many think it better or worse here or there.   I'm not so sure ... 

An interesting story about Missouri law.  The state district court in this courthouse (lavishly built and now sitting empty for touring publics) ruled that black people were not citizens.  This case went to the Supreme court and was a contributing factor moving people to war - the civil war.  One justice used a seeming state's rights position, saying that another court could not dictate what Missouri wanted for itself in laws.  The state, to openly discuss this heritage (and it is heritage), vulnerably exposes its own path in inequality.  The resilience of the unequal trajectory is evidenced still in American culture,  not only in legalities over race, but also in ethnicity, religion, sexuality, political affilliation, privilege, nationalism, medical care, earnings disparities, homelessness, abortion, pharmaceuticals, credit and interest rates, education.   It seems the one upping movement is not limited to Missouri however ... but maybe to all of "us" who damn all of "them".


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