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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Mom's, memories and oxytocin! The magic and mystery of mothers may not always be so favorable - yet the wanting for connection can remain. Some moms miss the children they never had and there are moms whose children have gone on before them. Some children wish for a better mom and many adults recover from what mom took. Moms touch the world in a way that no one else can. The biological link to moms, evidenced in the production of oxytocin during birth explains how it is that all moms linger in longing! The oxytocin splash for women during birth is its peak in her lifetime. It explains how people remain attached to mom, even if memories wrought with pain. Many call longing for mother an “attachment disorder.” It’s possible though, the oxytocin moment is so biologically experienced, that baby’s memory is affected, before the memory center is developed. A whopping splash of trust and care from mom to baby COULD create muscle memory. It’s the body’s recollection, even if unsourced in recall, which may explain why longings remain (in love, in passion, and maybe even in hate)! For whatever mom gave and for whatever she took – it may be reasonable to say: “I oxytocin [aka: love] my mom!” -- K. LaRose (2018)

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