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Monday, November 12, 2018

What These Hands Gave and Give ...

What these hands gave, and therefore still give, history and today's comparisons can attest.  His life, and by a photo choosing this could equally be about her life, is marked by some sacrifice, seen in the cracks and crevices of the arms and hands so worn by giving, so changed by time, so enhanced by wisdom.  Giving hands, as strong and calloused as these, hold within them the aged beauty of rugged finger tips, wisdomed wrinkles and worthy scars.  The younger ones who gave as well, and who still give, could be included too, just by a photo's choosing; so let us not omit youth particularly a youth the gives - maybe even before its time.  As luck, or chance, or meaning would have it, this man in this photo represents the many who gave, and the many who give - by an assignment of these words to celebrate a cause, to celebrate a people, to celebrate a holiday.  As a veteran he gave, she gave, they gave - and these ones continue to give in what it is that makes living life here - possible!  Duty may have called.  Honor may have created the principled stance.  Whatever it is or was - it is different to give as a veteran did and does. #thanks  PHOTO CREDIT:  Michael Schaffler,

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